News Release - October 7, 2010

SaferWatch™ Integrates Carrier Validation Software Application with Infinity Software Solutions (ISS)

October 7, 2010

HEBRON, ND - SaferWatch has announced the integration of their carrier validation software application with Infinity Software Solutions' Broker PLUS T.M.S. (transportation management software). This means Broker PLUS users can validate their carriers without the hassle of having to switch between multiple applications. The result is streamlined and faster carrier qualification, saving time and money.

SaferWatch gives immediate access to up-to-date carrier licensing, insurance and safety information through easy to use web services. Broker PLUS, Infinity Software Solutions' flagship freight broker software, is a comprehensive transportation management software package designed to make life easier for medium to large transportation intermediaries and their personnel. The integration of SaferWatch with Broker PLUS facilitates streamlined, concise carrier validation within the powerful Broker PLUS application.

SaferWatch is a carrier validation online software application by Grizella Corporation. The most current licensing, insurance and safety data is collected from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). In addition to this vital information, SaferWatch provides daily updates of any changes on a custom watchlist to keep users informed. At all of this data is streamlined in a clean, concise, un-fractured view for the most efficient and effective carrier validation.

Established in July 2000, Grizella Corporation is a technology company dedicated to building affordable, easy-to-use software for the freight transportation industry. Grizella Corporation, the providers of PostEverywhere®, is the largest provider of aggregation services for brokers. They also provide a variety of consulting services to the industry.

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