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Intelligent Carrier Data and Carrier Insurance Certificates to help you make smarter decisions

Every company is different, that's why we let you choose multiple risk checklists to qualify carriers according to your customers' special requirements


Find, qualify and monitor carrier insurance certificates, authority, safety rating and CSA-e percentile scores in one intelligent platform

Most Advanced Carrier Alerting System On The Market

Every company is different, that’s why we let you choose multiple risk checklists to qualify carriers according to your customers’ special requirements.


Intelligent Carrier Sourcing

The quickest way to build your network and mitigate risk in one easy step.

When you are searching for carriers, you want immediate insight into the qualifications you care about. Our simple, streamlined process does just that. Smart & Power Search allows you to build your carrier network while 360° Carrier View brings you the information you need with a single click. Mitigate risk exposure from the start by qualifying carriers as you search. Get immediate recommendations based on the criteria you provide. Archive results for effortless recordkeeping. View certificates of insurance within seconds.

You can’t ask for a cleaner faster carrier approval process.

  • Intelligent search solutions to quickly source qualified carriers
  • Full access to carrier authority, certificates of insurance, and safety ratings
  • Advanced risk mitigation with customized carrier assessment criteria



Unlimited Carrier Monitoring


The only solution that monitors ALL of your carriers AND certificates for one flat fee.

When you have thousands of carriers in your records, keeping track of safety and compliance can be a challenge. Take a load off. SaferWatch® software allows you to import an unlimited number of carriers to be monitored automatically. SaferWatch charges a flat fee, and we’ll monitor unlimited insurance certificates too. Easily import and update carrier lists while SaferWatch software weeds out the duplicates for you. Customize your own alert settings, and receive daily emails notifying you of any changes.


Fast Cert Acquisition


Carrier Insurance Certificates for the 3PL Industry

When you have a load waiting, you don’t have time to wait a day or two for a carrier’s insurance certificate. That’s why we offer Fast Cert Acquisition. Get immediate access to an extensive database of Carrier Insurance certificates. Want more? If we don’t have a certificate immediately on file, Urgent Requests go to work for you, getting you the certificates you need, typically within 15 mins. One flat, predictable rate gives you unlimited certificate and carrier monitoring, as well as the ability to request certs in real-time, so you never keep a load waiting.

Keep loads moving with Fast Cert Acquisition.

  • An extensive carrier certificate of insurance database
  • Unlimited carrier insurance monitoring, at a flat rate
  • Viewing and tracking of carrier certificates of insurance



Custom Qualification Checklists

Create custom criteria sets based on shipper or commodity type

Every shipper is different. Every commodity has unique requirements. Don’t settle for a standardized risk-management checklist. SaferWatch® software makes it easy to quickly reach the best carriers for the job. Every shipper has unique preferences and every commodity requires specific carrier qualifications. Narrow down your carrier pool fast with Custom Qualification Checklists. Create loyal customers by developing custom risk management criteria sets that fit their needs. SaferWatch software gives you the tools to skyrocket your company’s reputation above the competition.

Give your company leading edge technology.

  • Correctly qualify carriers for specific commodity types
  • Easily satisfy shipping customers with different carrier requirements
  • Discover unmatched flexibility in setting risk assessment standards

Seamless Carrier Onboarding

SaferWatch® software is the engine that drives streamlined Carrier Onboarding

SaferWatch® software provides carrier selection, compliance, certificates of insurance and on-going monitoring data and tools as the critical building blocks of seamless carrier onboarding.

Using SaferWatch® services is the smart way to cut 50% of your carrier set-up time.

Simple TMS Data Import and Updates

  • FMCSA Profile
  • Safety and Authority Data
  • CSA-e Percentile Scores
  • Carrier Insurance Certificates
  • Risk Assessment Metrics

CSA-e Percentile Scores


CSA-e™ assessment metric to mitigate risk

Ever since FAST Act 2015 required the FMCSA to stop sharing CSA scores publicly, you’ve been left in the cold. SaferWatch® software generates CSA-e percentile scores that are consistent with SMS CSA percentiles, using the published FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) methodology and data. Driven by industry demand, the SaferWatch CSA-e percentile scores provide yet another optional tool to assist clients with their assessments of carrier risk and implementing best business practices.


Complete Watchdog Reports


Access validated carrier reviews

You use reviews when choosing a restaurant or a movie. Why wouldn’t you use reviews when choosing a carrier? SaferWatch® software offers world-class risk mitigation solutions, but sometimes you just want to know what your peers have to say. SaferWatch has teamed up with TIA Watchdog to bring you the reviews that matter, through single-click integration.

All review sites aren’t created equal. You need accurate information, not rants and unsubstantiated gossip. That’s why WatchDog validates all postings, and invites offender reply statements, before reviews are made public.

Watchdog integration is just one more way SaferWatch helps you to weed out the bad apples and run a risk-free business.

  • Access carrier complaints, claims and fraud reports with a single click
  • View reports validated by an ethics committee before becoming public
  • Ensure you’re hiring the best carrier for the job through trusted reviews

Start working smarter!

SaferWatch® software provides the tools you need to qualify carriers allowing you to move more loads effectively and safety.