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SaferWatch is integrated with these Onboarding and Transportation Management Systems for a one-source way of working.

Carrier Onboarding Partners


You’ve found the right carrier for the job. Don’t get delayed by manual onboarding. Cut over 95% of the process with our partner, MyCarrierPackets, the seamless solution that integrates directly with your TMS from SaferWatch. Easily create fully customizable packets online with smart branding and profile management tools. Send and receive packets instantly. Carriers can complete information, agree to contracts, and upload forms all in one place, generating automatic confirmation emails upon completion.

The smart way to electronically send and receive customized carrier packets.

TMS Partners

ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch is a powerful, easy-to-use TMS designed to organize your business and increase the bottom line.  With ITS Dispatch you can create invoices with a single click, create detailed carrier payables, easily manage your loads and get unlimited load tracking capabilities.  The average ITS Dispatch Customer processes 31% more loads and sees a 12% increase in profit. 

3PL Systems

3PL Systems product, Brokerware™, is designed to simplify the freight broker’s duties by creating a positive user experience for both the broker and their customers. Brokers find it simple to generate quotes, book shipments, dispatch shipments, invoice, document correspondence and create customizable reports.

Descartes Aljex

Descartes Aljex™ is a scalable, cloud-based TMS solution that automates processes and provides end-to-end supply chain visibility. The dashboard-driven TMS hosts a sizable network of freight brokers, 3PLs, shippers, and intermodal users across the North American logistics supply chain. Descartes Aljex minimizes manual track and trace operations, increases on-time delivery performance.

Dr Dispatch

Dr Dispatch™ is the most easy-to-use TMS software on the market today. Dr Dispatch™ offers combination Trucking Dispatch Software and Brokerage Dispatch Software for the Small to Medium Business in one system!


EKA Omni TMS™ offers a smart, unified, order-to-cash and general ledger SaaS cloud platform that delivers 360° visibility across the transportation chain, with real-time tracking, friction-free connectivity between trading partners and intuitive workflow design. Our platform provides business intelligence tools and smart automation options to help small and medium size businesses scale, adapt and thrive in the new supply chain world.

Freight Management Systems

Freight Management Systems is a complete state-of-the-art, 3PL logistics software.  Whether on the Web or hosted Inhouse,  LOADPlus is a TMS solution designed to increase efficiency by letting transportation brokers match trucks to carriers quickly and productively.


HaulFox is a business intelligent analytics solutions provider for the Transportation/Logistics Industry. The proprietary HaulFox software includes predictive digital freight matching, AI powered backhaul optimization, and synergistic pricing aggregation. All external and internal data is unified and amplified within the cloud-based HaulFox platform for a refreshingly fluid user experience. The HaulFox team is comprised of experienced 3PL practitioners, Senior Software Developers, BI Analysts, and Data Scientists who are passionate about enabling the industry to strategically leverage data intelligence using today’s technology solutions.


HighJump offers transportation and logistics software solutions that are purpose built to serve as a single Transportation Management System (TMS), whether you are a Truckload Carrier, Freight Broker, or Outsourced Logistics Provider.

Infinity Software Solutions

Infinity Software Solutions has been changing the face of Transportation Management Software for nearly 20 years. Over 750 customers and counting have learned how our software products simplify daily workflow, streamline operations and reporting, making their business more profitable and valuable.

Load Manager

Load Manager TMS for Freight Brokers, Carriers or both. Web based, it offers robust features without breaking the bank. Integrates with SaferWatch, MyCarrierPackets, DAT, TruckStop and QuickBooks. GPS Tracking also available. Free 10 Day Trial is available from https://www.loadmanager.com/tms-software-free-trial/ or call 631-724-9400.


Cloud TMS for 3PL’s, Brokers and Shippers


McLeod Software is the leading provider of transportation and logistics solutions for CRM, dispatch operations, EDI, accounting, fleet, carrier, driver and HOS management, business process automation, visual workflow, and document management systems, all specifically developed for trucking. McLeod Software’s advanced transportation management solutions and services enable our customers to increase their efficiencies while reducing costs.

Primus Solutions

Primus Solutions is a neutral, best-in-class transportation management software. Primus Solutions is simple to use but is a powerful TMS. Primus helps automate the most of the shipping process by leveraging technology integrations with a wide range of providers.

Quantum  Edge

Quantum Edge is a leading producer of logistics software and technology solutions for third-party logistics providers. We offer a feature-rich suite of web-based, high-quality, cost-effective applications and services backed by technology and logistics experts, enabling our clients with the competitive AdvantEdge.


HighJump offers transportation and logistics software solutions that are purpose built to serve as a single Transportation Management System (TMS), whether you are a Truckload Carrier, Freight Broker, or Outsourced Logistics Provider.

Strategy Systems

Strategy Systems, Inc. has been designing, marketing and supporting real-time information systems since 1982. We specialize in software for the transportation industry. Our cloud base product, Strategy Live was created to give small and medium sized brokerage companies state-of-the-art dispatch software without spending lots of money.


The First Cloud-Based Logistics Expert System Built On Artificial Intelligence For The Logistics Industry.  Teknowlogi Transportation Management Software saves you time with shipment automation, transportation document management and full truckload automation. Teknowlogi Artificial Intelligence (TAI) is our multi-patented, integration friendly, super intelligent upgrade mechanism for all legacy industry systems.

Transport Pro

Transport Pro is a cloud-based transportation management software company that helps brokerages scale and streamline their business. Our platform allows users to quickly and efficiently quote, book, dispatch, invoice, and settle loads. Transport Pro’s carrier sourcing features automatically match available capacity, and assists brokers in building meaningful relationships with carriers by tracking lane preferences and rates. Other key features include CRM, document management, integrated tracking solutions, accounting, and real-time data reports providing both brokers and customers with enhanced shipment visibility.


ViaTMS is the premier Transportation Management System for third-party logistic companies. It is designed to complement your business and further enhance your current processes that make your operation unique.