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Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions have been compiled to help you.

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Do I have to download any software to use SaferWatch?
SaferWatch is software as a service or SaaS, so there is no software to download on your computer.  Instead, the internet is the delivery method that provides access to SaferWatch. SaferWatch works with all internet browsers.
Can I access my SaferWatch account from PostEverywhere?
SaferWatch is easy to access from PostEverywhere.  Look for the Carrier Lookup box on the left, below the navigation.  

 Simply type an MC or DOT number and press Enter.  Just a note…the first time you do this you will need to enter you SaferWatch username and password. If you do not have a SaferWatch account, you will have the opportunity to start a free trial when you do a lookup.


What is CertData?
CertData is the motor carrier Certificate of Insurance module in SaferWatch. CertData provides quick access to carrier insurance certificates allowing customers to view carrier Certificate of Insurance data for Cargo and Auto policies, make real-time requests for Certificates not yet on file in the CertData database, and download the actual Certificate image.  The module automatically monitors all Certificates for changes and updates. Motor carrier selection criteria, called Risk Management, may be configured to include data points from CertData, including policy limits and AM Best ratings on the insurer.

CertData is available with a SaferWatch Assure level of subscription.  




How long does it take to get a Certificate of Insurance and upload it into CertData after a request is made?
80% of “Load Waiting” certificate requests that come in during insurance agent office hours are completed and ready to view on the SaferWatch website in less than 30 minutes. Of course, when the certificate is on file, you receive the information instantly.

When the request button is clicked in SaferWatch, that request comes into our system instantly. Load Waiting requests are worked immediately, with follow up every 15 minutes until the certificate is received.  Once the certificate comes in, it is entered immediately, and the client notification and update to CertData is instant.




Does SaferWatch have CSA BASICS scores?
SaferWatch™ uses the published FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) methodology and data to generate CSA-e percentile scores that are consistent with SMS CSA percentiles. The published FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) methodology along with public FMCSA data provide the primary components  for emulating the CSA scores.

There are a number of additional programmatic details required to implement a comparable score.  

  • In order to emulate the SMS methodology to any degree of accuracy, the publicly available Basic Measures are not sufficient because they only display 2 decimal places of accuracy.
  • There is a very big difference between CSA percentile scores and the still public CSA measures.  Using the CSA measure alone or as a percentage based on the average of all property carriers’ measures will result in an inaccurate comparable to the FMCSA CSA percentile.
  • To better calibrate a comparable score, our SaferWatch calculations use the relative peer groups as provided by published FMCSA CSA methodology to generate our final CSA-e scores.
Can I import a list of MC numbers for our carriers?
SaferWatch allows import of your carrier list using Docket numbers (MC,FF,MX) and/or DOT numbers. Easily import and update carrier monitoring lists while SaferWatch weeds out any duplicate entities automatically.  
What is the difference between my CertData monitoring list and my SaferWatch watchlist?
For SaferWatch Assure customers, your compliance monitoring list will include monitoring of Certificates of Insurance.
What are Carrier Selection Checklists and Risk Management Settings?
Carrier Selection Checklist Settings in SaferWatch are customer defined selection criteria used to find and evaluate motor carriers automatically.  The SaferWatch triggering system covers the full range of cyclical and reportable motor carrier data, both on and off-road, allowing customers to quickly and comprehensively determine whether a carrier is an “ACCEPTABLE,” “MODERATELY ACCEPTABLE,” or “UNACCEPTABLE” hiring decision according to their unique guidelines.  SaferWatch gives customers the ability to set up multiple shipper-specific Carrier Selection Checklists.  
What is TIA Watchdog and how can it benefit me?
TIA Watchdog is a Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) member-only benefit providing critical insight to marketplace fraud.  Through Watchdog, TIA members are able to alert each other of fraudulent operators within the industry. Some of the reportable issues include: unauthorized re-brokering of shipments; no show and no call; canceling after accepting load; theft or unjustified loss of freight and many more.  All reports are validated for integrity and provide the opportunity for the reported party to respond. TIA Watchdog Reports are available in SaferWatch or at TIAnet.org.
Are web services (APIs) available to enable integration of SaferWatch carrier information and risk management tools with our brokerage software?
Saferwatch is an integration partner with many Transportation Management System (TMS) software providers. SaferWatch also offers a web service API for integration with private, proprietary systems.  Contact [email protected] for integration inquiries.
What type of customer support is available?
SaferWatch has a team of experts that are available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Central time to support calls and emails from customers. Call 844-878-9700 or email [email protected].
Can others in my office or other locations use SaferWatch at the same time?
The base SaferWatch subscription price allows for one Administrator and five  secondary users, each with unique username/password combinations. After the fifth secondary user, additional secondary users may be added for a nominal monthly fee.  Unique users may log in from multiple locations at the same time.
Do I have to sign a contract to subscribe to SaferWatch?
Subscribers must agree to the Terms and Conditions during account sign-up.  Terms and Conditions are available here.
What is your cancellation policy?
Customers may terminate service at any time.  There is no obligation to refund any payments once made.
How can I retrieve my username and password?
As a SaferWatch customer if you are in need of account information such as Username or Password please call 844-878-9700 or email [email protected].
How often do you update SaferWatch’s carrier data?
Carrier data is updated both periodically and dynamically.  The bulk of our updates are generated early in the morning from our daily FMCSA and third party data feeds.  SaferWatch also updates according to FMCSA’s period of scheduled CSA BASIC releases, ensuring you of uninterrupted access to our industry-only CSA-e percentile scores.  In addition to these periodic updates, our technology and processes are constantly monitoring and updating carrier data throughout the day.
What do the Operating Status Definitions from FMCSA mean?
  • OUT-OF-SERVICE: Carrier is under any type of out-of-service order and is not authorized to operate.
  • Inactive USDOT Number: Inactive per 49 CFR 390.19(b)(4); biennial update of MCS-150 data not completed.
  • AUTHORIZED FOR { Passenger, Property, HHG }: This will list the specific operating authorities the carrier (or broker) is allowed to operate.
  • NOT AUTHORIZED: Carrier has a DOT number, does not have any active operating authority and is not authorized to operate. Operating Authority means the registration required by 49 U.S.C. 13902, 49 CFR part 365, 49 CFR part 368, and 49 CFR 392.9a. FMCSA operating authority is also referred to as an “MC,” “FF,” or “MX” number, depending on the type of authority that is granted
  • ACTIVE: Carrier has a DOT number, does not have Operating Authority as defined above, (MC, FF, or MX number) and is authorized to operate.
When (what time) are SaferWatch Alerts generated?
SaferWatch Daily Email Alerts are generated after 5:00am (cst time) every day of the week including weekends.
What information can we monitor for an intrastate carrier?
SaferWatch currently monitors the FMCSA data on all DOT Numbers.  The SaferWatch Assure level of service also allows Certificate of Insurance requesting and monitoring for intrastate carriers.  

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