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CSA Equivalent Scoring (CSA-e™) restores valuable assessment metrics and mitigates risk. Brokers using C411, DAT, and RMIS® remain exposed.


Hebron, N.D. — March 9, 2016 — SaferWatch, the leading freight carrier qualification and compliance monitoring service, introduces CSA Equivalent (CSA-e™), the industry’s first CSA equivalent numerical scoring system. CSA-e is released on the heels of FAST Act 2015, the Federal highway bill, which required the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to stop sharing CSA scores publicly.

CSA scores had been the backbone resource for brokers selecting carriers and assessing risk. With those scores now inaccessible, SaferWatch is the first to give brokers an equivalently valuable resource for evaluating carriers. All SaferWatch customers may now rely on CSA-e as part of their regular service benefits.

CSA-e is based on the same methodology as the CSA scores formerly provided by the FMCSA

“SaferWatch designed the CSA Equivalent Scoring to assist freight brokers that are still required to make smart, low-risk decisions when selecting carriers, regardless of what data’s available,” said Mark Draeb, president of Grizella LLC, parent company of SaferWatch. “Providers like C411, DAT, and RMIS® are missing a key assessment metric that adds meaning to violation and inspection data.  Our goal is to provide customers with the tools they need to protect their business, whether it’s risk assessment, compliance monitoring, or insurance certificates; and we do it at a much better price.”

Experts point out that brokers disregarding CSA scores could suffer grave consequences, especially in the court of law.

“Despite CSA scores being temporarily blocked from public view, the underlying data used to calculate CSA scores is still available. It can and will be used in a court of law, especially if that data re-confirms carrier deficiencies,” says Ben Armistead, Partner at Greenwich Transportation Underwriters, Inc. (GTU), one of the largest logistics insurance underwriters and program managers in the U.S.

“Brokers and shippers who continue to take a head-in-the-sand position and refuse to believe the data matters will find this to be a huge mistake. They would do well to ask plaintiff lawyers if the data is relevant. I’m sure they would not like the answer,” says Armistead.

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