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Our Carrier Compliance Alerts tools bring better carrier management solutions to our customers


Compliance Alerts Window


Six Weeks of Alert History

Clear visibility of Carrier Compliance Alerts using filters

From the SaferWatch Alerts page, access a history of up-to six weeks carrier compliance alerts for every carrier on your watchlist. Search by docket/MC number, DOT number, or date range.


Email Alerts


Easily control email alert content and settings

We have improved our email alerting system to more accurately identify and inform you of the Carrier Compliance Alerts you care about. Now you are in control of the information you’ll be receiving.

Your current alert settings have been automatically converted for this new system. To manage these settings, navigate to the ‘Alerts’ Tab in SaferWatch and then choose  ‘Email Settings’

Customize each alert’s insurance information

Example: Control preferences from the Insurance section of your Email Settings

Email Alerts

Full insurance information is provided following each insurance change

Example: Alert with ‘Insurance Policy’ field enabled

Alert with Insurance Policy

Example: Alert Email settings with ‘CertData Policy’ checked

Certdata Alerts

Example: CertData Change

CertData Change

Example: Expired CertData Policy

CertData Change

View/Hide Compliance Alerts


Control from the CertData Section of Alert Email settings

If you are a CertData customer, you may choose to enable or disable CertData alerts.  These alerts correspond to what was previously sent out in two separate email alerts with subject ‘CertData Alerts’ and ‘CertData Expired Insurance’.

Please note that this should not be confused with the CertData request emails which notify you of the status of new certificate requests managed in your ‘My Account’ section.


Adding Alert Recepients


Keep your agents informed by including them on alerts

Add up to five email addresses as alert recipients.

Adding Alert Recepients