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The SaferWatch® Story

The industry leader in motor carrier monitoring

Mark and Jon Draeb, founders of the SaferWatch® service, started going paperless before it was cool. In fact, it was part of what inspired the idea for SaferWatch.com.

Frustrated with the amount of back-and-forth phone calls, paperwork, and time it took for their PostEverywhere® service customers to assess carrier risk when booking loads for clients, they saw an opportunity to disrupt the industry by taking that process online.

In 2008, they created Saferwatch.com, an online database that provides the freshest set of carrier data in the industry — instantly. By moving this information online, they eliminated the need for endless paper trails, brought more accountability and security to the industry, and cut down costs and time for brokers. What used to take hours to a full day to accomplish now takes minutes.

Today, SaferWatch services provide members access to continuously updated carrier information including:

  • Operating authority
  • Inspections and accidents
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Safety and review
  • Operations
  • Carrier Notes