FMCSA embarrassed again?

“This FMCSA study did not explicitly identify a net benefit from the use of the two suspended provisions on driver operations, safety, fatigue and health,” the report from the inspector general to Congress states. If FMCSA has truly taken anything away from this experience, they should tap the brakes, hit the pause button, and go back to the research drawing board.

ELD Mandate • Is There an Exemption For You?

The ELD mandate offered a few limited exemptions, outlining when some drivers could continue to use paper logs instead of an ELD. Last December, Congress intervened on behalf of a specific industry to grant a fourth exemption.

Unified Registration System (URS) Promises Less Clutter, Cleaner Information

URS promises to bring tangible change to the industry, especially for services like Transportation Management Systems and proprietary in-house systems that function with MC numbers. For one thing, under Unified Registration System, the provided USDOT number will be the only identifier assigned to entities seeking and maintaining registration–any other FMCSA-assigned numbers will no longer be used.