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The best Carrier Risk Management Service for Approval, Onboarding and Insurance Certificates.

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Intelligent Carrier Sourcing

Expand your network and quickly locate qualified carriers with our intelligent search engine

360º Carrier View

Your complete set of tools for making educated decisions around transportation carrier selection

Fast Cert Acquisition

Gain instant access to the largest industry database of Carrier Certificates of Insurance

Proactive Compliance Monitoring

Rely on continuous carrier and insurance certificate monitoring –and get alerts when something changes

Advanced Risk Management

Minimize risk exposure and protect your business from costly litigation

Work Smarter

Qualify and Monitor more carriers with less effort, and in less time

Carriers Are The Lifeblood Of a Broker's Business


The fear of hiring an under-qualified carrier is enough to give you pause when booking — and to potentially lose a shipment over.

SaferWatch is designed to allow brokers to confidently and efficiently book loads. As a leading online motor carrier risk management service, SaferWatch supplies members with comprehensive, daily-refreshed data on registered carriers — the most up-to-date in the industry. Our risk management tools allow for remarkably detailed risk analysis, including unlimited access to the largest database of carrier Certificates of Insurance.

With SaferWatch, there’s no more endless filing, no more hours wasted on the phone — just instant fact checking so you can get on with your day.

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Looking for Certificates of Insurance?

Instantly access the industry’s largest database of Carrier Certificates of Insurance.

Access the industry’s largest certificate database


Monitor unlimited carriers at a single, flat rate


View and track certs through SaferWatch Assure

What Our Customers Are Saying

Speaking specifically in the transportation area, integrations that we have today that assist our customers include EDI, certainly the SaferWatch integration which is the key, integration to companies like as MacroPoint, and then web portals where customers can see information or pass information down to their customers, so there is absolutely no question that the integrated solutions are key to our customers’ successes.

Kevin Pasternack

Prophesy, a HighJump product

By using the SaferWatch product along with a CertData module, what we’ve learned with the full integration with our TMS is that it’s basically cut about 50% of the time off of our process that we were doing in regards to data gathering, going to multiple sources or sites to gather information required for on-boarding and compliance and so needless to say, that extra time now people can actually spend doing things that matter in regards to the customer and carrier relationship developments and coming up with solutions to their needs.

Michael McKinney

AM Transport

Working with the SaferWatch’s carrier data is an eye-opener. Underwriting today is different than underwriting a year ago and SaferWatch has been with us the whole time in making the changes that make us a better underwriter in the insurance marketplace.

Ben Armistead

Greenwich Transportation Underwriters (GTU)

SaferWatch gives us invaluable information we can share with our customers to confirm that their freight is being moved with their requirements, improving our client retention.

Lance Roberts

RMX Logistics

Identify “Risky” Carriers at a Glance

Your business success depends on the carriers you hire — don’t take chances. SaferWatch lets you avoid a potential shipping disaster in just a couple minutes by spot-checking carrier qualifications and insurance.

At a low, flat-rate and with intuitive, comprehensive tools, SaferWatch simplifies the frustrating task of risk assessment and doesn’t break the bank.

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SaferWatch customer retention rate

Carriers lost authority in 2015

Motor carrier accidents in 2015

Get the information you need with our 360º Carrier View

SaferWatch provides complete carrier intelligence, tools and expertise you need to make educated decisions when selecting transportation carriers



Carrier Assessment




Inspections & Crash




Carrier Notes




Safety & Review


Drivers & Equipment

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SaferWatch provides the tools you need to qualify carriers, allowing you to move more loads effectively and safely.

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