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OOIDA Denied Rehearing on ELD Mandate Lawsuit

In October, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit rejected OOIDA’s argument that the ELD rule should be thrown out because it would violate drivers’ rights to privacy under the Fourth Amendment. At that time, the court stated that it found that the ELD rule is “not arbitrary or capricious, nor does it violate the Fourth Amendment.” In response, OOIDA in December petitioned for an en banc (“in bench”) review— a rehearing of the decision by the full Seventh Circuit court. The court has now rejected this petition as well.

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What our customers say


“By using the SaferWatch product along with a CertData module, what we’ve learned with the full integration with our TMS is that it’s basically cut about 50% of the time off of our process that we were doing in regards to data gathering, going to multiple sources or sites to gather information required for on-boarding and compliance and so needless to say, that extra time now people can actually spend doing things that matter in regards to the customer and carrier relationship developments and coming up with solutions to their needs.”

Michael McKinney President, AM Transport


“Because of SaferWatch, we have the ability to take the carrier data and give it to the customer on a monthly or quarterly basis to show them what their history was with those trucking companies.  It’s a very unique opportunity to get the customers a due diligence risk management tracking tool, which most of our software could not do in the past, so the ability to give that to people in almost real-time atmosphere is very helpful to our customers and keeps them and their litigation process under control. So, it’s a very proactive process that we’ve moved into. — SaferWatch gives us invaluable information we can share with our customers to confirm that their freight is being moved with their requirements, improving our client retention.”

Lance Roberts • Vice President, RMX Logistics


“SaferWatch is the best in harnessing and using carrier data, and working with their data is an eye-opener. The interesting part is that the game of our underwriting process has gotten a bit simpler because of SaferWatch. Their information is the most up-to-date, most robust and the most changeable. Underwriting today is different than underwriting a year ago and SaferWatch has been with us the whole time in making the changes that make us a better underwriter in the insurance marketplace. ”

Ben Armistead • Partner, Greenwich Transportation Underwriters


“Speaking specifically in the transportation area, integrations that we have today that assist our customers include EDI, certainly the SaferWatch integration which is the key, integration to companies like as MacroPoint, and then web portals where customers can see information or pass information down to their customers, so there is absolutely no question that the integrated solutions are key to our customers’ successes.”

Kevin Pasternack • National Sales Mgr, Prophesy, a HighJump product

Identify “Risky” Trucking Companies at a Glance

Your business success depends on the trucking companies you hire — don’t take chances. SaferWatch lets you avoid a potential shipping disaster in just a couple minutes by spot-checking carrier qualifications and insurance. At a low, flat-rate and with intuitive, comprehensive tools, SaferWatch simplifies the frustrating task of risk assessment and doesn’t break the bank.

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