Truck HP_CroppedTrucking Industry – What’s Next?

The need for transportation has been around for a very long time. As far back as the Pony Express and Wells Fargo, people and times have demanded a way to move mail and consumer goods across the country. Today the trucking industry is booming and the demand for more trucks and qualified drivers is always a huge concern.

Delivering consumer goods is a global business and the majority of capacity is shipped through the trucking industry. Now that fuel cost have been lowered it’s time for truck carriers to ramp up their recruiting process. Because there is such a demand for good drivers it is imperative that carriers come up with some kind of incentive for coming on board. Since there isn’t much glamor to driving a truck the only incentive left that talks is offering good pay and benefits.

The key is not only a good incentive but selecting drivers that follow the rules. Why? Because maintaining a good reputation for delivering safely and on time keeps trucks and drivers on the road even in the slow periods.

It is common knowledge that the trucking industry is an indicator for the economy. The fall in fuel prices has raised hopes and given the industry a very much needed boost. Last year the trucking industry had a four percent growth in the volume of freight delivered by trucks, and this growth will certainly sky-rocket as long as fuel prices remain low. There are usually growth spurts throughout the year from seasonal for-hire trucks, but the four percent mentioned above was not from those temporary truckers.

Statistics show the call for heavy trucks grew exponentially in the US this past year and indicates a year of more freight demand, lower diesel prices, and increased profits for all! Many analysts are predicting this growth through the year 2015 and beyond.

Keeping Up

Keeping up with industry demands could be a challenge for brokers and carriers and the best way to solve that problem is by making sure their transportation management system (TMS) is updated with the best software that is technically advanced enough to keep them connected to the latest loads, freight rates, available trucks, etc.

The more up-to-date information you have, the better off you are. That old saying, ‘Knowledge is Power’, has never been more true.

In a nutshell, 2015 is looking great. Prepare yourself mentally and ready your business. Increased freight demands means you can charge more for the haul and bring your business up to where it deserves to be!


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