Truck Drivers: Myth or Fact?

Whether we like it or not (we don’t) everyone faces stereotypes and generalizations. Motor carriers seem to face more generalizations than any other group of people- some are good, some are bad, but which are true? Loadsmart works with hundreds of motor carriers every day and decided to take it upon themselves to examine some of the most popular stereotypes among motor carriers.

They examined four stereotypes: Truck Drivers are Safe Drivers; Women are Better Truck Drivers; Truckers Abuse Drugs; and Truck Drivers Don’t Make Much Money. They examined facts, statistics and data from a variety of sources and compiled their findings in one neat, compact infographic.

What were their findings? Well, first of all truck drivers are generally the most responsible and safest drivers on the road. No surprise there, though. Truckers are far less likely to be involved in accidents and commercial trucks account for just a minuscule fraction of all accidents. They also found out which gender is the best driver, what states pay truck drivers the most and how many motor carriers take drug tests on a regular basis.

Take a look at this awesome infographic to read more about these common generalizations.

Truck Drivers

Don’t believe everything you hear! Loadsmart has examined four popular generalizations of motor carriers.

Are you surprised about these findings? Did you already know? What other common stereotypes would you like examined? Let us know in the comment section below.

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