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TIA Carrier Selection Framework Makes It Easy for It’s Members

An announcement made on Monday, June 29, 2015, SaferWatch™ has partnered with Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) to streamline electronic assessment of carriers based on TIA’s own Carrier Selection Framework.

TIA members now have direct access to the TIA Carrier Selection Framework within SaferWatch. As part of this partnership, SaferWatch will provide conditional access to non-TIA members who are interested in this Framework.

The newest version of SaferWatch, which includes the TIA Carrier Selection Framework, introduces a number of advanced features for managing risk assessment profiles. The TIA Carrier Selection Framework basic guideline is one of several pre-configured options, and with user-custom checklists, you can establish precise screening guidelines for carrier qualification. SaferWatch supports multiple checklists, which makes it easy to qualify carriers for an individual shipper, specific cargo, or other special situation.

“We value our long association with the TIA in part because we share many of the same goals, and one of those is education. A lot of thought and effort went into providing a powerful set of research and analytical tools that can demystify risk assessment, and provide solid data needed for establishing sensible carrier qualification policies.” said Mark Draeb, President of Grizella, the maker of SaferWatch.

About Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)

Transportation intermediaries or third party logistics companies (3PL) act as the facilitators to arrange the efficient and economical movement of goods.  They serve tens of thousands of shippers and carriers, bringing together the transportation needs of the cargo interests with the corresponding capacity and special equipment offered by rail, motor, air, and ocean carriers.  Transportation intermediaries play a key role in cross border transportation by land, sea, and air. Learn more about the TIA Value Proposition.

About SaferWatch™

SaferWatch™ is the leading Motor Carrier Risk Management solution with the largest Certificate of Insurance database in the transportation industry. It makes carrier qualification and onboarding processes fast and simple for shippers, brokers and other 3PL operations, while educating carrier compliance professionals on risk policy implications when setting carrier selection standards. Visit SaferWatch at


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