TIA Advantage Program adds PostEverywhere® and SaferWatch™

TIA Advantage Program


On August 18, 2015 the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)  announced their two newest additions to the TIA Advantage Program — Grizella’s PostEverywhere® and SaferWatch™. Both additions come with new sets of benefits and discounts available only to TIA members.


“We are proud to be part of the TIA Advantage Program and will continue to support all TIA efforts and initiatives to bring tangible, bottom-line benefits to all TIA members” – Mark Draeb, President of Grizella

About TIA

TIA is the voice of the Third Party Logistics Industry. With more than 1.400 member companies, it is the largest organization representing 3PL companies. Most TIA members run family owned businesses and the freight brokerage is their core competency.

What unites TIA members is a commitment to ethics and professional standards and a desire to run the best business operation that they can. And this is where TIA comes in. TIA helps its members grow profitable, strong and thriving businesses. Among many other services, it provides the TIA Carrier Selection Framework, guidelines on how to deal with cargo claims, fraud alerts and a whole suite of services that help brokerage based 3PL’s continue to flourish. To learn about the TIA Membership Benefits click here.

About Grizella’s PostEverywhere® and SaferWatch™

PostEverwhere® — simultaneously broadcasts loads to over 50 load boards, for faster load exposure and quicker freight rate acquisition (see discount details).

SaferWatch™ — helps brokers and 3PLs simplify their Carrier Qualification and Monitoring processes. Moreover, this year SaferWatch has deepened its partnership with the association, not only by joining the TIA Advantage Program, or sponsoring  the TIA’s 2015 Capital Ideas Conference and Exhibition video series, or supporting the TIA Watchdog Reporting System, but also by integrating TIA’s Carrier Selection Framework into its Carrier Risk Management interface, helping SaferWatch customers qualify carriers based on TIA’s guidelines and recommendations (see discount details).


SaferWatch WebinarSee for yourself what SaferWatch can do for you

About TIA Carrier Selection Framework

The purpose of this Framework is to assist TIA members in developing and implementing their own individual carrier selection policies and procedures. The ideas and information, and areas suggested for review contained in this Framework, represent merely one set of tools among many others that TIA members may turn to as sources of information on carrier selection. It is the Committee’s hope that the information in this Framework may direct TIA members to other resources that may help TIA members reduce some exposure to risk of loss, liability and/or potential fraud when selecting motor carriers.

The areas covered are:

  • Cargo loss, damage and delay claims
  • Loss and/or damage arising out of loads that are re-brokered without knowledge or authorization, by a carrier, or someone illegally posing as a carrier, with or without fraudulent intent or purpose
  • Insurance policy coverage considerations for both freight brokers and motor carriers
  • Threat of imposed third party liability for personal injury and/or death arising out of accidents involving a carrier hired by a broker or shipper

TIA Carrier Selection Framework


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