Is your carrier validation process reasonable and up to date?  Do you use a Risk Management solution to reduce liability? If not, maybe you should consider making some changes.  Your risk management practices need to be strong enough to protect you from lawsuits, losing customers, and other time consuming issues.  When damaged, lost or stolen freight occurs, freight brokers can easily be held responsible by a court of law for not exercising reasonable due diligence in their carrier qualification process.  Your best course of action when making carrier on-boarding decisions and/or utilizing current freight carriers is to be sure you have all the updated data you need before arranging shipment with a selected freight carrier.

When you have access to fully customizable risk management indicators, your safety increases and you reduce liability by leaps and bounds.  In this industry it is imperative that you qualify carriers quickly, and in order to accomplish that task, you need real-time access to carrier data, such as insurance certificate information, authority status, driver history, etc.  SaferWatch with CertData™ gives you rock solid carrier qualification risk management tools that help you perform proper due diligence at all times; all online!

Benefits of Using SaferWatch™

  • Over 200 customizable alert criteria
  • Daily email alerts for up to 5 users
  • Proactive fraud analysis
  • Snapshots of every carrier record you view
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Constant data monitoring
  • Integration directly into your TMS System
  • Quick and easy carrier approval

There are many more benefits and tools you will discover as you use SaferWatch™ with CertData™.  You will get the whole picture, and even know what TIA members are reporting on your carriers.  You may be thinking that something this great would be hard to do.  Not true!  Here is how it works.  You simply enter the MC# or DOT# of the carrier into SaferWatch™, and you will instantly gather information that comes from multiple agencies. The information is displayed for you on your screen in an easy-to-follow format.

On a regular basis, you must work with carriers you don’t know, so being able to quickly qualify a new carrier before sending a carrier packet out, or before receiving the packet back is a great way to cover your financial risk exposure.  On-boarding carriers does not need to be difficult; at least not with SaferWatch™.  When you use our standardized due diligence tool(s), customizable risk management indicators, proactive fraud analysis, and CertData, you will be covering all your bases with ease.

Our goal is to give you a reliable validation process with tools that help you work efficiently.  This will certainly help you reduce liability and contribute to your bottom line, and that is what everyone strives for.

Integrate SaferWatch™ with CertData™ into your transportation management software today, and join thousands of other freight brokers, 3PLs, shippers, and Freight Forwarders who have already rose to the risk management challenge.



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