SaferWatch™ – Motor Carrier Risk Management v3.0 Release

Hebron, ND — June 30, 2015 — Grizella LLC announced that the SaferWatch 3.0 version has been successfully launched and is now available to all SaferWatch users. The SaferWatch v3.0 Motor Carrier risk Management solution will help the Freight Transportation industry be more productive, with a better personal and natural carrier management experience. Familiar, yet better than ever, SaferWatch v3.0 will deliver ongoing feature innovations and security updates.

“The SaferWatch v3.0 is a new generation of Motor Carrier Risk Management craftsmanship, designed to empower the Freight Transportation Industry. SaferWatch v3.0 delivers on our vision of customizable carrier management, defined by trust in how we help our users make educated decisions when hiring carriers”, said Mark Draeb, President and CEO of Grizella.

Confident carrier approval

SaferWatch v3.0 introduces the “Carrier Power Search”, which enables brokers and shippers to quickly locate only high-quality carriers who meet their safety requirements. Consequently, they can now gain clear understanding of how different policies affect carrier availability, and how their carrier-selection choices can impact their operational capacity.

Shipper-specific carrier qualification checklist

Another great feature-benefit with SaferWatch v3.0 is that brokers and shippers can now create and save multiple shipper-specific approval checklists for rapid carrier qualification. This process is archived to assure quality control and can be used as evidence of the broker’s due diligence in legal proceedings, giving them peace of mind.

Motor Carrier Risk Management


More work with less effort

SaferWatch helps brokers and shippers get more done with less effort than ever before. SaferWatch v3.0 brings it all together, from a simple layout with clear information for carrier dispatching, to an unprecedented tool-set for risk management experts, so you can be the best at what you do.

About the SaferWatch™

SaferWatch™ is the leading Motor Carrier Risk Management solution with the largest Certificate of Insurance database in the transportation industry. It makes carrier qualification, onboarding and monitoring processes fast and simple for shippers, brokers and other 3PL operations, while educating carrier compliance professionals on risk policy implications when setting carrier selection standards. For more information, visit:


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