What is BIPD Liability Insurance?

BIPD is a must-have liability insurance coverage for commercially operated vehicles on the highways today.  This acronym stands for “Bodily Injury Property Damage” liability insurance coverage. In case of an accident you want to be prepared financially through your insurance policy to cover these two types of damages.

When accidents happen people may be injured and the BI portion of your policy endorsement sets up limits of liability to pay medical bills and pain and suffering claims.  The PD portion of your policy is to pay for repairs to vehicles or property that has been damaged.  For commercial operators it can be beneficial to secure more insurance than the mandated minimum.

To decide what limits of BIPD liability insurance you should obtain it is advisable to speak with a risk management specialist and your insurance agent.  Being under-insured for your business is an unnecessary risk to take.  Remember, no matter how safe you think you are operating, accidents can still happen.

While most insurance policies are general as a whole, the amounts of coverage are different in many cases.  For commercial vehicles this difference is set up using the MCS-90 endorsement.

Is an Endorsement my Insurance Policy?

No, an endorsement is not your complete policy.   Endorsements merely add special provisions to an insurance policy.  These provisions can either enhance or restrict the coverage.  The endorsement must be attached to your vehicle liability policy to be certain you are covering the federally mandated coverage.  Endorsements can be written for any reason you need to make a change in your general policy.  Once you make any changes you will receive a new declarations page to your policy.

What is the MCS-90 Form Exactly?

This endorsement form stems from sections 29 and 30 of the Motor Carrier Act of 1980.  It shows proof of required financial responsibility and must be used by all for-hire carriers.  In the United States this form should be on board the vehicle at all times.

Whether you want to add more coverage or exclude items from your coverage you need the MCS-90 endorsement form to do this.  A simple phone call to your insurance agent can start these changes immediately.

Now that you know what the MCS-90 endorsement form is all about you can address any questions you may have to your insurance agent.  They are ready and able to answer all of your insurance needs.  BE SAFE – BE COVERED!


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