20141202_1433492015 marks the first year that JBH Worldwide, an NVOCC, will provide shipping services for the commodity of wood. In turn, the wood will become fine furniture.

MANALAPAN N.J., March 18, 2015 – After a dozen years of coordinating the ocean freight shipments for numerous commodities, JBH Worldwide is now transporting a new commodity: wood.

JBH Worldwide, a freight forwarder and customs broker, proudly announced that they are shipping 50 containers of chopped wood in March 2015. The containers will hold numerous types of wood, including logs, wood chips and wood shavings. The logs will also come in different sizes.

These containers will depart from South Carolina to Jebel Ali, a port town located in the United Arab Emirates. After arriving in the United Arab Emirates, the wood will be crafted into fine furniture.

Since this shipment is the first wood commodity transported by JBH Worldwide, it became clear that JBH Worldwide offers great shipping rates for this commodity. JBH Worldwide anticipates that they will assist in the shipping of over 500 containers of logs this year.

About JBH Worldwide

Established in 2003, JBH Worldwide is a fully licensed Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker that specializes in heavy equipment export shipping to numerous ports all over the world. Located in Manalapan, NJ, they are experienced customs clearance professionals for your export shipping and import shipping needs, trucking, airfreight and heavy machinery shipping.



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