Interstate Carriers –  SaferWatch™

As a freight broker, 3PL, or Freight Forwarder, it’s your Interstate Carriers that are the life-blood of your business. It’s imperative that you stay informed about your current partners and carefully screen your potential new ones.

SaferWatch provides critical, up-to-date carrier data and other information you need to make quality decisions about the carriers you partner with. There are hundreds of data points instantly available to you with the SaferWatch system. Keeping you informed is just the beginning of helping you mitigate your risk and move loads quickly and confidently.

So how does SaferWatch help? You have immediate access to the specific concerns, and multiple tools to handle these concerns.

  1. You can add additional custom risk policies to cover any shipper-specific requirements
  2. You can modify your default risk policy to match your company standards
  3. You can provide specific instructions and notes to the agents qualifying carriers when certain risk indicators are triggered

SaferWatch provides both the information and tools to streamline and standardize your carrier qualifying process – eliminating headaches and saving time – while fully supporting your risk management standards.

Quick and Confident Carrier Approval

You get an immediate yes-or-no assessment using your company’s interstate carrier selection standards, and archives it for effortless record keeping. Combine that with immediate access to the Certificate of Insurance, CSA BASICs data and you cannot ask for a cleaner, faster approval process.

Target Qualified Carriers

You can locate qualified carrier leads for developing capacity in high value areas, or to move a hot load. Searching only carriers that meet your qualification guidelines helps you find and establish valuable new relationships.

Manage Shipper-Specific Standards

With SaferWatch, you can manage multiple risk policies to rapidly qualify interstate carriers using specific standards for each shipper or shipment type. This process is archived to assure quality control, and as evidence of your due diligence in legal proceedings, giving you peace of mind.

Evaluate Risk Policy Implications

Only SaferWatch empowers progressive risk managers to explore carrier qualification policies as never before. You get a clear understanding of how different policies affect carrier availability, which has a direct impact on your operational capacity.

Automated Certificates of Insurance

SaferWatch Assure gives you a trusted source for rapidly verifying critical components of a carrier’s insurance by providing Insurance Certificates and policy summary data, as part of SaferWatch’s presentation of a carrier’s details. This includes 24/7 access to all certificates and continuous monitoring with daily alerts to policy changes to your fleet of interstate carriers.

Groundbreaking Risk Management Solutions

At SaferWatch, we’re setting a new standard in carrier risk assessment, providing all the data, tools, and expertise you need to make intelligent decisions when selecting transportation partners. SaferWatch brings it all together, from basic knowledge and clear information for carrier dispatching to unprecedented tools for risk management experts, so you can be the best at what you do.

If you haven’t seen SaferWatch in action, or if it’s been awhile since you have, our latest features are game-changing and a must see for all brokers that demand business excellence.

Request a personal DEMO of the new SaferWatch system to see how you can improve your risk management funnel.


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