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Risk management is one of the first jobs we should start working on to insure our business stays within the law and out of trouble.  In the freight industry the most important aspect of risk management are the certificates of insurance.  Whether you are looking for a load to carry, or looking for someone to carry your load, this type of insurance is of paramount importance!


Some brokers and businessmen have trouble keeping up with the changes in their carriers’ insurance policies, and the amount of time it takes to stay on top of these changes.  In fact, time and access to insurance data are the two biggest problems that plague this industry.  What is needed is a risk management system where all insurance data can be accessed at any time of the day, night, or weekend; not just when the insurance agency is open.

Each Certificates Should Include

  • Policy limits
  • Deductibles
  • Effective date
  • Expiration date
  • Exclusions

With the right risk management system you would be able to access insurance data at any time and monitor those changes on a daily schedule.  Once you can readily access this information at any time you will be able to on-board carriers more quickly, and pre-qualify those that don’t meet your criteria.

To make your operation run smoothly you need a trusted source that allows you to verify critical components of any policy on any trucker/carrier.  This should be a system where you can view, save or print carriers’ certificates of insurance at any time and automatically monitor changes that might come up.

Due diligence in all areas is important but being able to verify insurance is the most important of all.  The freight brokers’ goal should be to have the best system that will give you the information you need, instantly.  The information needs to be fresh and frequently updated.  You don’t want to spend hours playing phone tag with the agent of the insurance carrier either.  With an online carrier qualification and monitoring system, few clicks and you are done – you get the full picture of the carrier you are qualifying and access all the details.

Not pre-qualifying carriers you work with could be a costly mistake, sometimes even a deadly one.  You need the Certificates of Insurance of your carriers to be up-to-date and their safety records to be observed (monitored).  Let’s be frank, you wouldn’t trust a family member to a stranger without checking them out, so don’t trust your business with one either!  Risk management doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming if you use the right system to gather the information you need and make a smarter decision. As they say: Work smarter, not harder.


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