Trucking Industry – What’s Next in 2015 and Beyond?

t is common knowledge that the trucking industry is an indicator for the economy. The fall in fuel prices is giving the industry a very much needed boost.


Transportation Industry Relieved Due To Lower Fuel Prices

Transportation Industry Relieved Due To Lower Fuel Prices Falling fuel prices are all over the news broadcasts these days and for good reason. Relief from high fuel prices has helped the truck transportation industry, as well as middle class Americans, breath a huge sigh of relief. It creates a trickle-down effect as more money in pockets leads to more products being purchased. As a whole the US economy saw some […]



Free Article Submission & Media Content Publishing Platform

Free Article Submission Platform – Welcome to Logistics News! We are pleased to inform you that on January 01, 2014 we officially launched our Free Article Submission and Content Media Publication Platform, where you can now publish and share pertinent Industry Related news and other content with Transportation and Logistics professionals across the country and around the World. Logistics News is the ultimate Content Media Publishing platform sponsored and powered […]



Carrier Qualification • Risk Management • Liability Mitigation • FMCSA • CSA scores

Live Discussion via Google Hangouts on Air. Experts discussion on matters regarding carrier qualification, carrier risk management and freight broker liability mitigation


Certificates of Insurance - Importance of Due Diligence

Risk management is one of the first jobs we should start working on to insure our business stays within the law and out of trouble.  In the freight industry the most important aspect of risk management are the certificates of insurance.  Whether you are looking for a load to carry, or looking for someone to carry your load, this type of insurance is of paramount importance!   Some brokers and […]


Reduce Liability Through Better Risk Management Practices

Is your carrier validation process reasonable and up to date?  Do you use a Risk Management solution to reduce liability? If not, maybe you should consider making some changes.  Your risk management practices need to be strong enough to protect you from lawsuits, losing customers, and other time consuming issues.  When damaged, lost or stolen freight occurs, freight brokers can easily be held responsible by a court of law for […]