MCSA-1, Explained

MCSA-1 • Freight Broker Facts and Terms As part of the paperwork reduction act the FMCSA has created the MCSA-1 form that replaces the MCS-150.  The MCS-150 form will still be used but only for a small number of Mexico domiciled motor carriers that will operate beyond the U.S. municipalities. So what does this MCSA-1 mean for you and your business?  The changes to already registered freight entities will mean […]


Liability Insurance • BIPD

What is BIPD Liability Insurance? BIPD is a must-have liability insurance coverage for commercially operated vehicles on the highways today.  This acronym stands for “Bodily Injury Property Damage” liability insurance coverage. In case of an accident you want to be prepared financially through your insurance policy to cover these two types of damages. When accidents happen people may be injured and the BI portion of your policy endorsement sets up […]


Transport Pro Offers Small Business Version of Software

Transport Pro For Small Business NASHVILLE, TN—Transport Pro announced recently that the small business version of its transportation management software is now available. For about the same price as a nice dinner out once a month, customers can manage and grow their companies by utilizing Transport Pro Small Business. Transport Pro Small Business gives small to medium-sized trucking companies the ability to streamline essential functions such as load and dispatch […]


Hours of Service

Hours of Service • General Regulation One of the many regulations set forth by the FMCSA is the hours of service regulation (HOS).  The HOS regulations are for Interstate commerce, driven by commercial truck and bus drivers.  This regulation governs the working hours of anyone driving a commercial vehicle.  Some of the general rules of the HOS are as follows: Vehicle must weigh 10,001 pounds or more Vehicle is designed […]


FAST Act 2015 and CSA Scores, what’s next?

FAST Act 2015 and CSA Scores The new Federal highway bill (FAST Act 2015) has temporarily required the FMCSA to stop sharing CSA scores with the public. It is important to note the following: CSA Scores – The CSA BASICs system is merely a scoring system based on evaluation of data such as inspection and violation history.  According to the FAST Act, the removal of CSA Scores from public view […]


E-TruckingSoft Partners with SaferWatch™

E-TruckingSoft Partners with SaferWatch™ December 10, 2015 – Hebron, North Dakota –– SaferWatch™, the leading Motor Carrier Risk Management solution, announced today that it has added E-TruckingSoft, into its network of carrier-data distribution partners; an all in one cloud based trucking software application that optimizes day-to-day operations. This enhanced system integration provides E-TruckingSoft’s customers with access to multitude of advanced tools and parameters to adequately assess carriers through E-TruckingSoft’s software […]


Prophesy Transportation Solutions and SaferWatch: A Dynamic Partnership

 Prophesy Transportation Solutions, a HighJump product (Partner Spotlight) Each partnership we have is of great value to SaferWatch and our customers, but sometimes relationships have a way of growing beyond what you envision. That’s the best way to describe our relationship with HighJump, Inc. and their talented Prophesy Transportation Solutions team. The Prophesy dispatching software as we know it today grew from humble beginnings in the mid 1980’s. Over the years […]


FMCSA Stops Issuing Docket Numbers (MC, MX and FF) + Status UPDATE (see bottom)

FMCSA Stops Issuing Docket Numbers Following our earlier post (read it here) about the FMCSA’s hosted conference call of July 23, 2015, which addressed questions and concerns regarding replacement of all docket numbers with one, unique number for each entity, we’ve learned that most of the concerns addressed by the industry leaders on that call have been ironed out, and that the FMCSA’s new Unified Registration System (URS) will go into effect on […]


CARB-TRU Carrier Compliance and How To Go About It

CARB-TRU Carrier Compliance In a nutshell, if arranging transport of refrigerated freight in the state of California during the peak produce season, shippers, freight brokers and freight forwarders are responsible for verifying CARB-TRU carriers. Recommendations The CARB “suggest” that brokers and forwarders need to use the following strategies to ensure hiring a compliant carrier: Businesses should consider sending an annual notice to their carriers indicating that only carriers listed in […]


TIA Advantage Program

TIA Advantage Program adds PostEverywhere® and SaferWatch™   On August 18, 2015 the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)  announced their two newest additions to the TIA Advantage Program — Grizella’s PostEverywhere® and SaferWatch™. Both additions come with new sets of benefits and discounts available only to TIA members.   “We are proud to be part of the TIA Advantage Program and will continue to support all TIA efforts and initiatives to […]