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SaferWatch - Carrier Monitoring, Qualification and Risk Management

Carrier Monitoring

Superior Carrier Qualification and Monitoring Toll Free 844-878-9700
  • Confident Carrier Qualification
  • Complete Carrier Assessment
  • Advanced Risk Mitigation
Do your carriers always meet your safety standards?
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Carrier Monitoring & Assessment

  • Freight Brokers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • 3PL's
  • Shippers
  • Insurance Companies

SaferWatch™ Benefits

  • Clear Assessments, Constant Monitoring
  • Shipper-Specific Risk Management Checklists
  • Interstate Carrier Smart & Power Searches
  • Advanced Risk Policy Analysis
  • Unlimited Carrier Monitoring
  • Unified Registration Ready!

Broker Recommended

“SaferWatch gives us invaluable information we can share with our customers to confirm that their freight is being moved with their requirements, improving our client retention.”
Lance Roberts, V.P., RMX Logistics

Carrier Monitoring

Insurance Policies Monitored

  • General Liability
  • Auto Liability (BIPD)
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Cargo

Certificate Information Provided

  • Underwriter
  • Producer Contact Information
  • Policy Types and Limits
  • Expiration Dates
  • Cargo Deductible Limits
  • Refrigeration Breakdown Notice
  • Refrigeration Deductible Limit

Types of Notices

  • Policy Cancellations
  • Policy Reinstatements
  • Policy Renewals
  • Mid-Term Policy Changes
Shipper-Specific Risk Management Checklist Motor Carrier Certificate of Insurance (COI)
Carrier Risk Management Services

SaferWatch™ gives you a 360° view of each carrier you consider. It helps you mitigate risk exposure and protects your business from unnecessary litigation. Our state-of-the-art system is the one and only Motor Carrier Risk Management solution that gives you the ability to fully customize your carrier assessment criteria, and qualify them based on individual shipper-specific standards. This ensures your customers that their freight is being moved based on their own requirements, a singular benefit of SaferWatch that helps you dramatically improve your customer relations.

Carrier Insurance Certificate Manangement

Our Carrier Insurance Certificate Service (SaferWatch Assure) provides a superior and cost-effective solution for viewing and tracking carriers' Certificates of Insurance (COI). We completely manage the aquisition and monitoring of your carriers insurance certificates so that you are always up to date on policy changes — and you never have to get on the phone to a carriers' insurance agent again.

Our Exclusive Service Level Guarantee: When you have a load pending and you're waiting on the COI, it's our commitment to you that we will call the Insurance Company immediately — and follow up every 15 minutes — until we have the new certificate. Once received, it is uploaded directly to the carrier's profile, and we notify you that the new certificate is available.
Customer Recommendations
"SaferWatch is setting a new standard in Carrier Monitoring, providing intelligence, tools and expertise you need to make educated decisions when selecting transportation partners."
Mark Draeb, President of Grizella
What can SaferWatch do for you?
Quick and Confident Carrier Approval

SaferWatch gives you an instant yes-or-no assessment using your own carrier selection standards. Combined with immediate access to our Certificate of Insurance database, you cannot ask for cleaner, faster carrier approval.

Shipper Specific Approval Standards

With SaferWatch you rapidly qualify carriers using multiple, shipper-specific approval standards. Detail views are archived to assure quality control and to give you peace of mind.

Target Qualified Carriers

Quickly find carriers who already meet your specific standards to increase your carrier capacity, or move that hot load on time.


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Links

Here are links to several of the FMCSA websites that contain motor carrier authority, insurance, safety, inspection, and other information.

If any data on FMCSA sites is inaccurate, please contact the FMCSA directly. Contact information can be found at - Trial Account Signup X

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