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Motor Carrier Risk Management

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SaferWatch + CertData

Instant & Reliable Carrier Qualification, Monitoring, Trend Analysis

Confident Decisions Business Security Peace of Mind

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Lapsed Insurance Revoked Authority Moving Violations
Hijacked Loads Double Brokering Dangerous Drivers
Confident Decisions

Make better informed decisions and avoid the litigation trap!

SaferWatch's data retrieval module compiles current data from multiple government databases. We call it epic data because it extends beyond the ordinary and we do it best.

SaferWatch brings it all together, so you can see it clearly.

Business Security

Don't put your business at risk by operating in the dark. SaferWatch illuminates!

Who is Carrying Your Loads? You can't afford not to know. Using SaferWatch insures your business security.

Validating the safety, insurance, authority and trends of the carriers you hire is crucial to the security of your business.

Bad Carriers Cost You. You know that, but do realize how much? An increasing number of court cases are finding brokers and shippers liable for damages when unsafe or poorly qualified carriers are hired to move loads.

Peace of Mind

You'll have greater peace-of-mind while improving the service you provide.

If your current carrier qualification process is inefficient and time-consuming, or if it just doesn't measure up to the increased risk of today's business environment, SaferWatch is the answer.

SaferWatch is Your Blueprint

Consistent carrier validation starts with a streamlined process for finding high quality motor carriers to move your loads.

SaferWatch highlights concerns in the data to give you a quick overview of the carrier, and gives you access to all the details. Configure the concerns triggers to match your carrier requirements.

SaferWatch is the instant, reliable process for qualifying and monitoring your carriers.

SaferWatch is Affordable

Your cost is only $79.95 per month (billed quarterly) for monitoring as many carriers as are registered and have a license to operate. Pay annually and save an additional 10%.

Add CertData starting at $125 per month (call for details).

SaferWatch Research-Only accounts are available for just $29.95 per month (CertData not included).

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Links

Here are links to several of the FMCSA websites that contain motor carrier authority, insurance, safety, inspection, and other information.

If any data on FMCSA sites is inaccurate, please contact the FMCSA directly. Contact information can be found at - Trial Account Signup

Create your 30-day limited trial of SaferWatch™ CertData™. (Carrier monitoring not included)

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